Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival is scheduled this Fall for Sunday, September 24. This annual community building event is held in Piedmont Park and is fun for all ages with a food contest, art show, carnival, jazz festival, farmers market and more!


Every fall,  parents lead each class or grade to create a scarecrow to display at Scarecrow Alley on the day of the Harvest Festival. Creating the scarecrows together is a wonderful way for the kids to form deeper bonds and for parents to meet other parents. There is a silent auction during the Harvest Festival to auction off the scarecrows. All proceeds benefit Wildwood, Beach and Havens elementary schools.

Are you or someone you know a maker? Sign yourself and a friend up to lead a scarecrow build! 

Harvest Festival Wildwood Scarecrow Leaders:

Cake Hop!

Are you a baker or a baked goods connoisseur? Sign up to bring an item or to run the cake hop! A kid favorite!

Harvest Festival sign up for a Cake Hop item:


Harvest Festival Setup and more!

Looking for a way to show your kids how to contribute to the community, plenty of fun ways to show support for our elementary schools can be found here:

Harvest Festival Adult Volunteer sign-up:


Harvest Festival Student Volunteer sign-up: