Aferschool Enrichment Program

WPC volunteer-run program provides fun and engaging after-school classes. We are proud to contribute all profits from ASE back to Wildwood, helping with initiatives such as classroom support, teacher professional development & student STEAM materials. ​

Our volunteer-run program provides fun and engaging after-school classes for Wildwood students.

Did you know that After School Enrichment (ASE) is our single largest fundraiser for the Wildwood Parents Club?
ASE raised over $40,000 which goes directly to classroom supplies at Wildwood!​

Fall 2021 ASE is here!

The Tri-School ASE teams are working to bring you an online session filled with art, magic, cooking, coding, and more! The always popular Mystery Adventures is also back with several sessions, varying from tame to super scary! The winter session will run from Sep 7 - Nov 19.
Any questions or concerns may be directed to

Please review the following details about the program carefully:

  • All courses are still subject to change until enrollment opens.

  • All classes are running from 9/7 - 11/19. Classes will not meet on no-school days, which is 11/11 for this session.

  • Please register early to reserve your spot in any class that your child really wants to take!

  • Fundraising for each school will be based on that school's class enrollment, not which school a child is registered at. IE: John Smith is a Havens kid but takes Baking at Beach - Beach will retain those fundraising dollars.

  • Refunds will not be accepted after the registration window closes, without exception. If you would like to cancel a class it must be done during open enrollment. To do so for any school, please email

  • Please note that by registering your child for ASE classes, you are consenting to all outlined policies.