Wildwood Whatnot

The Whatnot is emailed out each Wednesday and is your best source for school information. Highlights contains key reminders for the coming week as well as the weekly Principal Report and WPC Update. It also includes announcements from various groups such as: Library, Lunch Service, Lost and Found, SERVES (community service), After School Enrichment just to name a few. Please read it!

The deadline for Whatnot submissions is Monday 4pm. Please send submissions to:

If you are not receiving these communications you must check your email in Infinite Campus. For assistance with Infinite Campus email:

Wildwood Community Bulletin

These emails are sent from MailChimp, as needed, to communicate important or time sensitive information of use to the whole Wildwood parent community. This weekly mailing will also information on upcoming events, news on school-wide happenings, volunteer opportunities, and more. We are also excited to create the platform to highlight student voices and student work.

Be sure to add to your address book so you don't find us in your spam box!

Room Parent Digest Email

Email Newsletter Archive

Keep an eye out for your classroom parent digest and emails. Our room parents will keep you informed on all your classroom news with regular email updates. This is the best resource for what's happening on a daily basis in your child's classroom.

Wildwood Slack Channel

Please contact your room parent for an invite the Wildwood Slack Workspace.

Our Slack Channels are a way to communicate with the parents within your children's class, within the grade, and within the school. Your Room Parents are tagged in the class channel and will send communication to you through this class channel. In addition to the class and grade channels we have added additional channels that will support parents and students- we hope you will join the ones that interest you! If you have other ideas for channels - please reach out to us and we can discuss. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Only people within the channels you join can see your profile and connect with you. You can leave a channel at any time, but we would like you to stay in your class channel/s at a minimum. Our hope is that you will use these channels to ask questions related to classwork, school, and the Wildwood community- and that there will be a healthy engagement amongst all the parents. You can send direct messages to individuals- or message the entire channel.

We encourage you to set up your profile (if this is your first foray into Slack) so that your child's name and teacher are listed. This will enable other parents to see so they know which parent to connect with.

Once you have connected with Slack you should select:

  1. Browse Slack

  2. Channel Browser

  3. Search for Channels

  4. You can select the grade for your child(ren), click "JOIN", and then you will be added to your respective classes manually by the Wildwood Slack admins. This may take a little time- so please have patience!

We are looking for slack moderator volunteers for each cohort. This can be a room parent or a classroom parent that has a particular interest in being a moderator.

You can access Slack via the web, but there are desktop apps and iOS and Android apps as well so you can use it easily on your phone or tablet. There is a very simple tutorial for Slack here, but it is intuitive and user friendly.